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Welcome to my site dedicated to communication with translation agencies. My name is Jörg Loebnau, I am a graduate translator. My source languages are English, Russian, and Dutch. I only translate into  German, my mother tongue. My fields of expertise are IT and communication technology. 

What you can expect from me

+ I hold a diploma in translation awarded by one of the toughest linguistic universities of the world
+ My freelancer career goes as far back as 1997
+ I offer comprehensive and stringent quality assurance
+ I keep my deadlines and offer first class reliability
+ TMs (without extra charge)
+ glossary (without extra charge)
+ additional language pairs via my partner network (qualified translators only)

What you cannot expect from me:

+ I do not have "5 mother tongues".
+ I do not translate "everything".
+ I do not translate anything legal or financial (My partners do though...).
+ I do not rush through 5,000 words in 1 night.
+ I do not work at the weekend.
+ I do not accept any dumping prices.

Thank you very much for your interest. (If you have any questions, please mail me...)!


Since 1997

Jörg Loebnau

Jörg Loebnau (Graduate translator)

English => German
Dutch => German
Russian => German